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Daisys journal

U know u luvitz da Daisy

27 October 1987
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My name is Stephanie, I'm a very bored Airforce brat. Ive been posting my digital art on the internet for a good long while now under the alias Daisy7 and am active on various message boards and art communities. Im also a semi avid gamer and am now seen most of the time playing the mmorpg Final Fantasy 11.

You may friend at your own will =) due to privacy concerns it may take me a while to feel confident enough to add you back


This journal contains the following:
Although the purpose of this journal was for me to rant/complain/talk the boredom out of people, this journal has unintentionally turned into a FF11 blog @_@...my bad....but with screenshots! sometimes!

Besides the common every day life banter and FF11 there may be a slight chance of art postage. (here goes to hoping)

Final Fantasy 11
Name: Daus of Kujata