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24 June 2012 @ 11:44 pm
I forgot to look at my work schedule for this week..I assume I work tomorrow..I don't know..I just hope I don't get in trouble. Friday was going good until the last hour of my shift and then all hell broke loose...ugg...

saw brave in theaters yesterday...it was a good movie despite the negative reviews its getting however I can see why it has so many bad reviews. It really felt like a disney movie rather than a pixar movie. It was very girly disney princess. Me and my sisters saw it with my mom which was a fun trip...the movie is a mother/daughter movie for sure. Its just strange because Pixar usually has a very broad audience.

Today I went to a waterpark and got major sunburn and also some major thy chafing..ugg...while the trip was fun, I am now in pain.

Also, in case you hadn't read before, I have been marathoning God of War because I've never played it before. They are very short games >.> I did the first game in 2 days and then the second one took 16 hours spread out over 4 days because I had to work...working on the third one now and wtf at the sex mini game...wtf...

Kratos is still the worst main character ever. What a jerk.

Yesterday, we also watched the legend of Korra finale. It was enjoyable up until the Korra/Mako love confessionisms..so..horrible.
17 June 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Bought God of War 1 and 2 on amazon. Well, my dad owed me some $ so he bought it for me. Never played the series before. I knew it was popular and gets high ratings and then I saw the E3 preview for GoW4 and decided I wanted to catch up.

So I started with GoW1 yesterday and finished it today. Umm..that was a short game. It still has decent graphics for a PS2 game with the exception of the ridiculous PS2 boobs. Also, I bought the GoW collection so it was reformatted on a Bluray disc and playable on the PS3..I think the conversion kinda ruined some of the cutscenes but it was no squareenix project graphicswise hokay. Ingame the environment was nice but I wish you could explore the world.

The playstyle was great. I like the buttonmash and quick fighting style (kinda reminiscent of Devil May Cry) and I like how the dungeons were puzzles (though not quite as creative as zeldas). There were few boss fights though (think there was 3?)..mostly you fought the same minor monsters over and over. I get bad boss anxiety though..but the few they had were fun. The giant minotaur was challenging until I remembered I had a block button which makes things 10x easier >.> and the final boss froze on me and I had to repeat the whole thing all over..luckily it was easy (I was playing on normal which was fine for me..I dont need to get off on super super hard god mode..I just want to play)

what I didn't like was the ultra clunky menu screen. It was ugly and you had to sit way too long to upgrade your weapons. Also, I hated the look-at-us-trying-to-be-manly-text-on-the-screen "VICIOUS" "BLOODBATH" "AWESOME" and then my favorite..when you die "YOU ARE DEAD" I got my "orly?" face on about a thousand times.

the parts of the game that really really killed me were the ridiculous obstacles in dungeons..ok balancing on wooden beams in the ceiling...impossible...stupidly impossible..I was so sick and tired of this. Balancing was annoying enough but once you get it down you have to avoid sweeper arms with pointy objects on them and you can jump over them but Kratos will probably completely miss the other side of the wooden beam. I fell uncountable times.

Also...the stupid timed challenges...the 2 levers in the saw room..ugg...the stupid block in the spear room..ugg...the stupid button you have to push and jump over saws to get to an open door...UGGGG...also that swimming and diving into holes to avoid a wall that chases after you, this almost made me chuck my controller out a window.

and finally..Kratos is a terrible character. He has no redeemable quality. He is a jerk. He didn't even try to save anybody and he even killed somebody twice (once in real life and once in Hades) because he's a jerk. He's just a jerk..it kind of infuriates me.

oh, also..I realize how much the final boss in Zelda:Skyward Sword resembles the final Boss in GoW..love.

overall Im confused at how the game has a high 9/10 on practically every gaming website..I know its an old game and it was probably good for its time but Ive played more superior games that came out then or before.

Going to try and play GoW2 tomorrow morning before work. Laters
04 June 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Well, atleast I have E3 to take my mind off the fact that Game of Thrones is on break and I wont have it back til next year. Gah.

only thing that I was super super excited for was Assassins Creed spoilers. I am so ready for this. Also, I was not aware that they were making a vita AC game with a female African/french assassin named Avaline..this is so awesome.

saw a little bit of Epic Mickey 2 but they didn't really show anything that didn't look exactly like the last game.

things I don't get is the WiiU..I just don't understand it. Its a fancy controller? why would you want to look at a tiny touch screen controller when you can stare at a big tv with a regular controller? I think Im missing something here..I was not impressed with the Rayman WiiU thing.

think thats pretty much it except God of War which I've never played but am thinking about it.

just have to wait for SquareEnix and Nintendo games and hopefully more AC3. :3
29 May 2012 @ 12:37 pm
yallz knows that I bought me some white effing capris that dont make my legs look short and fat.

I am wearing them everyday forever and people will be all like "yo gurl, why you be wearing those same dingy capris everyday?" and I be all like "THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING"

until next week when I decide I hate them.


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13 May 2012 @ 11:08 pm

The actress playing Sansa is getting so pretty :(
09 May 2012 @ 11:00 am
Dreamt last night that Deviantart was closing down and I was throwing a fit over it. I was asking some random-I-dont-know-who chick "why in the world would they close?" and she was all "for my sister *duh* she has cancer" and I couldn't understand why in the world that even made sense but I couldn't say anything because her sister had cancer.

I have no idea. I just woke up angry. LOL not like I upload to DA very often..
06 May 2012 @ 10:49 pm
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05 May 2012 @ 09:51 pm
The Avengers was awesome.

The men in that movie..omg

OMG >< 4:00



love how he's like "AVOID AVOID"

I can't watch without blushing