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04 November 2012 @ 07:28 pm
Assassin's Creed III  
WTH was that?

I expected Connor's story to inevitably be tragic..but wtf..that's all you give me for Desmond?

like..I'm not satisfied.

I need a wrap up, a complete ending for Desmond.

Now I'm just really depressed.

Things I liked:
Loved Haytham..I love the plot twist at the beginning even though I accidentally spoiled it for myself by typing in "who voiced Haytham?" into google..that kind of really pissed me off..and I still don't even know who voiced Haytham.

He was a cool villain. I love the awkward relationship/interactions he and Conner had. They could have put Haytham and Connor on a boat together and just have an hour long cutscene of just the two talking to eat other and I would have enjoyed it.

I also liked that little dipweed Hickey and Charles Lee..I felt the villains in this game had more of a personality.

Liked Achilles..good Mr Miyagi time there.

Loved my homesteaders! ohmegawd these missions were adorable! Norris cleans up so well!

Best scene in the entire game though was Conner's Hanging. That was beautifully animated.


The rest of the game was pretty much the same AC. You didn't have the big fancy buildings of Europe or the middle east but it was still climbing all the same. The running through buildings would have been fun but I only ever found then when I didn't need them.

The game itself was good..It is hard though not to compare everybody to Ezio. I just wish that there was an ending for Desmond..that just crushed me.