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02 November 2012 @ 01:18 am
is this going to be an every 10 years thing?  
Since the last time I updated (Monday) I have still been sick. Not with the flu though, that test came back negative (go me! and I didn't even take the flu shot yet!)

Instead I've got like a really bad case of Acute Bronchitis or a lamer Pneumonia. The last time I was this sick (well I was sicker) was when I did have Pneumonia 10 years ago. So far I have pulled every muscle in my abdomen, back and neck from excessive coughing. I'm super short of breath doing mundane things (like walking upstairs or to my car) and I can't expand my lungs all the way..not for the sake of not trying though..I breath in so deep and then get sent into a violent coughing fit. I'm also hacking up nasty tasting gunk but I can't spit it out!

Also have a persistent low grade fever, a full body rash the past 2 days and this morning was actually the first morning I woke up and was not drenched in sweat and then suffer from on/off hot/cold spells.

oh the short girly back hairs and occasionally my arm hairs will hurt as well.

In short I think I'm on the getting-better-finally side..but I couldn't get in to see my primary doctor (Doctor Rip Studwell) so I went to the minute clinic up the road and got me a different antibiotic (maybe I'm just allergic to penicillins hence the rash?) and some prednisone to treat it like it is pneumonia. I had to call in sick today and Friday...like I'm not going to get a paycheck at all for this week (unless my sick leave kicks in) hopefully I'll be healthy by monday.

on the bright side, I have been having uninterrupted Assassins Creed 3 time. Oh and I got a new computer desk and I'm decorating the shiznit out of it incredibly slowly...like I can now get rid of alot of this other broken furniture I own....I do need to get a bedside table and I'd like to get a filing cabinet (fancy right?)

Also my sister removed the wallpaper in the living room. If I could breath it super inspired me to remove the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom and paint it hot pink. By the time my lungs work again I'll be too lazy to accomplish such a feet.